Friday, 29 June 2012


Let me be enough. 
Let me finally just be enough. 

Let society look at me, 
And at last just think,
That I am now enough. 

I am what they want,
What they think is perfect.

I'm not enough.
I'll never be.

If I were, 
People wouldn't keep leaving. 
Wouldn't tell me they love me.
Wouldn't tell me they care, 
And then just leave me. 

I want someone to look at me,
And not want to change a thing,
Because for them I would be enough. 

But it's never going to happen. 
I'll be too weak. 
I'll be to fat. 
I'll be too short. 

I won't be pretty enough.
I won't be thin enough.
I won't be tall enough. 
I'll never be enough.


It's as if...
These words are a part of you. 
They make you. 
They are. 

It's as if,
Every single thing that you feel,
Is just so easy to put,
Into a sentence. 

The beauty of words is,
That it doesn't matter where you live, 
What language you speak. 
Those words understand you. 

Like everything come to a standstill, 
And it's just the words and you. 
And everything can come out. 
These words won't judge. 

Won't judge you for who you are, 
For what you have gone through, 
For what you want to do. 

They stay there on the page, 
And they wait, 
Wait for you to carry on, 
Wait for you to tell your own story. 
In any form that may be. 

But there are some problems with words.
Once they're written,
You can't take them back. 

They can teach hate to a generation, 
Who knows no better. 
They degrade innocent people, 
Who have done no wrong. 
They can ruin a life. 

Words can break you, 
Or they can be a start of a career. 
They can change everything. 
What people think about you. 
What you think about yourself. 

Words are a beautiful. 
A vicious thing. 
Something that can make you feel proud, 
Or make you feel vulnerable.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Well This Is New

...Wow... this is a new thing for me. Never have been on this before, but one of my friend's Sophie suggested it to me, so I though I'd give it a shot. I look forward to blogging with you all! :)